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    Last update 05/21/2003
          Generator of videosignal for VGA monitor on PIC16x84
    ATTENTION! This scheme, designed by Eric Schlaepfer, widespreads in the Internet. Unfortunately, at it there is an error in distributing of the pins of the controller, and the program, enclosed it, is intended for a CGA/MDA of monitors and with VGA DOES NOT WORK. A nice joke ;-))) I offer the fitted scheme and program adapted for VGA of a mode 640x480 60Hz.
    Scheme This scheme is very simple also contains a minimum of units, is hooked up directly to VGA to the videoconnector. Will be used PIC16x84 with a crystal frequency 4Mhz. After powerup the regulator establishes a brightness of image. If all is collected correctly, on a screen the large digits "4:57" will appear. The program with the source Download archive VGA-TEST.ZIP

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