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    Last update 05/21/2003
       Microcontroller projects and links
    Microchip Technology, Inc - PIC, EEPROM
    Atmel - MCS-51, AVR, EEPROM
    Scenix Semiconductor, Inc.
    Dallas Semiconductor - communications, 1-Wire, Mixed signal
    Analog Devices - ADC, DAC, OP,MCU
    National Semiconductor
    Altera Corporation - PLD, FPGA
    Maxim Integrated Products - Analog, Mixed Signal, RF, DC-DC

    embedded WebRing
    PIC Webring
    Scenix WebRing
    80x51 WebRing
    AVR WebRing
    PIC List - large descriptions and sources collection
    SX List

    Large PIC links collection
    One of the most useful link for russian engineers - RU.EMBEDDED FAQ (rus)
    "Microchip Net resources" - huge (>700) PIC link collection
    AVR Embedded Microcontroller Resources
    Huge video links collection - embedded systems, dsp, real-time/rtos, board-level computing, soc and more... - developing devices on PIC microcontrollers, PIC programmators
       Useful constructions
    This page contains basic information describing the use of the VGA output port provided on the Altera UP1 Educational board. VHDL source code for a simple VGA controller ( VgaCon ) is provided
    Low cost PAL/NTSC Video Title Generator
    Color Bar Generator
    Circuit to generate SVGA mode video 640x480..1024x768, based on Altera CPLD, text in German
    VGA 640x480 test picture generator based on PIC12C509A
    A circuit which would take an NTSC signal in and display TV on a oscilloscope
    This circuit uses an MC1373 to form a TV video modulator
       Programmators for PIC-controllers and AVR
  • General purpose programmators
    Programmator UniProg (rus)
    Programmator "Turbo" v.6 (rus)
    Programmator "Sterh ST-011" (rus)
    Programmators "MP" series (rus)
  • Programmators for PIC microcontrollers
    Parallel programmator PonyProg by Claudio Lanconelli, its hardware by Artek, russian description
    Basic PIC programmer for PC parallel port from Paul Vollebregt
    Classic PIC 16F84 Programmer by Bob Blick
    NoPPP or here - very simple PIC16C84, PIC16F84 and PIC16F83 programmer from Michael A. Covington
    NoPPP9x from Rafael Cabezas G.
    TOPIC - fully compatible with NoPPP development system for PIC16x84 microcontrollers from David Tait
    PIX Prog
    The "PicProg" programmator by "Telesystems"
    PIP-02 Device programmer by Ludwig Catta, COM84 driver
    PIC84PGM by David Tait
    PIC12C508/509 programmer by Pavel Kustarev, based on the David Tait's circuit
    The Pocket Programmer from Bubble Software
    Some schemes of programmators (rus)
    "El Cheapo" Programmer
    "ProPIC 2" programmator by Octavio Nogueira, download it!
    "BiDiPro" programmator (EEPROM, Flash) (rus)
    PIC-Programmer 2 for PIC16C84 etc. (JDM)
    IC-Prog - Prototype Programmer
    COMPIC programmator, SerPIC port driver (rus)
    The programmator "ByteBlaster"
    "Orange-2" programmator for TV microcircuits (rus)
    Flash PIC Programmer Software (rus)
    The "Flasher" programmator (rus)

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