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    Last update 05/21/2003
       CPU links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    Main processor's manufacturers: Intel, AMD, Cyrix, IBM, IDT, Centaur, SGS Thomson, Rise, NexGen
    The "Elbrus" company - Elbrus E2K superprocessor manufacturer (rus) - "Intel Secrets Website" by R.Collins - the world's leading source for pure technical x86 processor information by Christian Ludloff, large GREAT links collection
    SoftFSB - "soft" overclocking of the CPU, download!
    AMD K6-2/350+ patch for Win95 and above here or here
    CPU Socket specifications
    Aad Offerman's Chiplist - The information on all released ever processors from Intel 4004 up to DEC Alpha
    gbm x86 stuff index - the description of undocumented capabilities of a command CPUID of a lump of models of processors
    CPU Idle - the "soft" CPU cooler
    Potemkin's Hackers Group Homepage - OPCODE.LST by Alex V. Potemkin
    Processor information - instructions and opcodes for different processors by Jesper Petersen - Online Reference for Intel's and AMD's Instructions Sets
    Intel/AMD/Cyrix Processor Identification
    CPUCool & CPUFSB homepage
       Memory links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    Memory Tech Notes and Module Specifications
    PC SDRAM specification
    KEPLER - extremely convenient program - configurator. Allows not only easily to find a memory module Kingston, indispensable for you, but also find out the indispensable data for its installation (quantity of slots of a particular system, feature of the installation etc.)
       BIOS links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    Wim's BIOS page by Wim Bervoets - the most informed site on BIOS - all about BIOS of the computer, Email
    The main developers BIOS - AWARD, AMI, Phoenix, Microid Research
    BadFlash - sells BIOS replacement chips
    The Flash-BIOS site - flashbios programming service, info about flashbios programmer devices
    All about BIOS and motherboards on
    Detection of the manufacturer of the motherboard with AMIBIOS, MrBIOS
    TweakBIOS Homepage - ROM BIOS Upgrades for Top Computer and Motherboard Manufacturers and Enhanced Drive Support Controller Cards
       MotherBoards links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    List of addresses of the manufacturers of motherboards
    MotherBoard Monitor - the control of parameters of the motherboard
    Hardware Manufactures
       Storages links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    Blue Planet - The Tech Page is Your Complete Source for Jumper Settings and Specifications for Every Hard Drive Ever Made!
       Videocards links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    Drivers on, list of the hardware manufacturers - FAQ on set-up of 3D videocards
    AGP - Accelerated Graphics Port Forum
    3D Video Drivers Center
    Videocards on the chip ATI RAGE 3D
    Voodoo Extreme
    Matrox users resource centre
       Monitors links [information & diagnostic utilities]
    Very interesting site on monitors (rus)
    Information about monitors, another site
    Monitor Guide on IXBT.COM (rus)
    Video display technology page: all about monitors
    FlatPanel - the common items of information on flat LCD-screen monitors

    Site "All about projectors" (rus)
    AllProjectors - all about multimedia projectors (rus)

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