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    Last update 05/21/2003
       Hardware detection and bencmarking utilities [links]
    ASTRA - hardware detection program by Sysinfo Lab.
    HWInfo, HWInfo32 - hardware detection program by Martin Malik
    AIDA - hardware detection program by Tamas Miklos
    Sisoft Sandra 2000 - diagnostic and benchmarcing program for Win32
    System Speed Test by Vladimir Afanasiev - program for testing and bencmarking program for PC
    PC-CONFIG by Michael E Holin
    CPU-Z Utility - CPU and chipset detection program. download it!.
    Intel Chipset Identification Utility (41Kb) - Intel chipset identification
    WCPUID v3.10 - CPU and chipset identification utility by H-Oda. download it! (247Kb).
    PCI List v.2.22 by Entech Taiwan - PCI devices detection program
    Hardware identification and benchmarking programs by MadOnion: SYSmark'2000, SYSmark'2001, SYSmark'2002, PCMark'2002
       Utilities for old hardware
    Setup286 - CMOS tuning for Intel 286 based PC
    386SX - CMOS tuning utility for 386SX based PC
       Utilities for testing and detection memory [links]
    SPD Tool v1.2 by Dmitry Poltavtsev - SPD detection on PIIX4 + SMBUS (TX,LX,EX,BX,ZX,MX); ICH(0-3/M); VIA 586/596/686/8231/8233 southbridge; ALI 1533/1543. The last version here
    DIMM SPD v1.01 by Konstantin Aleshin - SPD detection on VIA PRO (596/586) and Intel PIIX
    DIMM_ID v1.3 - SPD detection on Intel PIIX4
    DIMM_ID 2001 - SPD detection on Intel PIIX4, ICH(0-3/M)
    SPDWrite - read/write SPD information on memory modules (rus)
    SiSoft SIMM/DIMM/RIMM SPD Analyser - v.5.40 Win32 console
    DocMemory PC Memory Diagnostic Software - the powerful memory testing utility
    TestMem 7646tu56e, TestMem2 k81dny25u, TestVideoRAM urhels78c. (rus) E-mail, Homepage
    Memtest86 by Chris Brady
    MemMXtest - advanced memory tester that runs on any MMX PC
    MemTach - RAM bencmarking utility
       Videocard testing and tweaking utilities [links]
    Scitech Display Doctor by ScitechSoft
    PowerStrip by EntechTaiwan
    Videocard benchmarking utilities by MadOnion: 3DMark'99MAX, 3DMark'2000, 3DMark'2001, Video2000
       Storage detection and diagnostic utilities [links]
    HDDSpeed 2.1 by Michail Radchenko (rus)
    SMARTUDM - S.M.A.R.T. information viewer with external UDMA-controllers support by Sysinfo Lab
    X-ATA v1.4.2 by Marco Pistella - ATA/ATAPI devices detection and diagnostic utility. The last version here
    HD Tach
    Intel IOMeter (trial version)

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